Report a Labor Law Violation

Report a labor law violation:
If you have information about a business or employer who is committing wage theft against workers, you should file a report of labor law violation.

If investigators find that the employer is violating labor laws, they will issue citations, work with the employer to correct the problem, and collect unpaid wages for workers.

If you are seeking unpaid wages as well as reporting a labor law
violation, you should also file a wage claim.

It is best to include your name and contact information so that the Labor Commissioner can contact you for more information if needed for the investigation.

Your complaint will be kept confidential to the maximum extent possible under the law.

File a labor law violation report in person:Your report will be more complete if you provide facts about the business and the labor law violations observed. It is best that you fill out the report and take it in to the Labor Commissioner's Office closest to the business or employer's location. Your completed report will be reviewed and forwarded along with copies of any records you provide to the Bureau of Field Enforcement (BOFE) investigator.

File a Labor Law violation report by mail:If you are unable to go in-person to a Labor Commissioner office, you may complete a retaliation complaint form and mail it to the Labor Commissioner's Office closest to the business or employer's location.

Forms are available in English and Spanish.

What happens next
Labor Law violation reports are investigated at the Labor Commissioner's Office by Bureau Of Field Enforcement (BOFE) investigators.

During an investigation, a BOFE investigator may speak with your employer on the worksite while other BOFE staff speak to workers at another location. BOFE staff will ask questions related to hours of work, wages, rest breaks, and other working conditions. BOFE investigators will not share workers' responses with the employer or ask workers about their immigration status.

If you are nervous about speaking to an investigator at your worksite, you should ask them for their business card and call them after the inspection to talk at another location. If BOFE recovers wages that you are owed, you will be notified by mail after your employer pays the citations.

As a reminder, if you are also seeking unpaid wages, you should file a wage claim

For more information visit the Labor Commissioner's website.