Gather the Facts

If you have experienced wage theft, first gather the facts and documents. Then you can take action and report the problem to the Labor Commissioner's Office.

Know who your employer is.
Write down the names of the people who hire, pay and supervise you. Find out the name of the company by looking at your paycheck, pay stubs, mailing labels, product labels, or license plates. Many workers have one single employer, but some may have more than one employer. Be aware that any person or business that has control over wages, hours or working conditions may be responsible for your wages.

hotel housekeeper
"I worked as a housekeeper at a hotel. The hotel manager gave me my schedule and supervised me daily. However, my paycheck came from another cleaning company and my uniform had their name on it. I filed a wage claim because I was not paid for my overtime hours. The Labor Commissioner decided that both the hotel and the cleaning company were responsible for my unpaid wages."

Keep all your pay stubs.
Each time you are paid, check your pay stub for: your name, wages earned, dates of the pay period; your employer's name, address and telephone number; as well as all deductions (taxes, etc.).

Compare the wages shown on your pay stub to your own records.